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November 2023

7 Reasons to Take Your Next Walk to the Treadmill

Walking is among the most common exercises for good reason—it’s simple, it’s inexpensive, and it has a whole host of health benefits. While many take to a sidewalk or trail, don’t overlook indoor options, including the treadmill.

Next time you’re looking to get in some steps, consider a treadmill. Compared with a stroll down the sidewalk or turns around the track, treadmills offer these perks:

1. Control over conditions

Hot or cold temperatures, slick ice, or sudden downpours won’t interfere with your workout plans. And, on days with air quality alerts, you’ll avoid breathing in harmful pollution.

If you have a treadmill at home, you can set the temperature where it’s most comfortable. Some machines even have a built-in cooling fan.

2. Better balance

Feeling unsteady on your feet? Treadmills provide a smooth surface.

However, if you find yourself reaching for the side rails, slow your speed. Gripping them may cause injuries.

3. Safety features

Accidents can happen anywhere. Fortunately, most treadmills come equipped with features like safety belts or buttons. Clipping the belt to your shirt will slow the machine to a stop if you slip or trip.

4. A big burn

Minute per minute, treadmills burn more calories than most other pieces of gym equipment, notes the American Council on Exercise.

5. Freedom to multitask

Since you’re staying in one spot, you can safely entertain yourself during your workout. Catch up on a favorite TV show, or listen to podcasts or music—just don’t get too distracted that you lose your balance!

You can even use a treadmill desk and walk while you work. Doing so may improve your mental and physical health, and may enhance focus and creativity.

6. Softer landings

Treadmills absorb more shock than other surfaces, including tracks and turf, lessening impact that could lead to joint injury.

7. Mood boosts

Yes, hiking in nature has significant mental health benefits. But for solo striders, you may feel a bit lonely in the great outdoors.

Luckily, indoor exercising lifts spirits. In one study in the journal Current Psychology, even 15 minutes of treadmill walking increased good vibes among college students.

Rain or shine, treadmill walking is great for your health. Aim for at least 30 minutes of moderate-intensity walking (about 3 mph) most days of the week. With regular walks, you can help lower your risk for diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and more, all while boosting your mood.




Date Last Reviewed: 6/1/2023
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